Make Oklahoma Pinto your home! 


The Oklahoma Pinto Horse Association held it’s first horse show in 1959.   From the beginning, it’s purpose has been to promote and encourage the general interest and breeding of pinto horses, and to promote good sportsmanship and fellowship among the owners and lovers of pinto horses.

OPtHA is an affiliate charter club of the national organization - the Pinto Horse Association of America, Inc.  The Pinto Horse Association of America, Inc. was established in 1956 as primarily a color registry.  Today the association has grown to offer four conformation types - Stock, Hunter, Pleasure and Saddle.  There is also a separate division for ponies and one for the miniatures.  Two color patterns are recognized - Tobiano and Overo, as well as a Solid Bred division for animals who do not have enough white to meet color registry requirements.

OPtHA offers all-breed classes at each of our shows.  Walk/Trot challenge classes are offered for all ages, in addition to a leadline class for young children. We also hold charity fund raisers at shows. 

The Board of Directors and the Executive Committee manages the OPtHA finances and the shows. Elections are held each year at the Annual Business meeting during the Awards Banquet.